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About Us

Our Vision

Transforming communities and nations through a “Brick Plus Approach” whereby a single block has transformative capacities to be transmuted into varied by-products that remodel communities and nations to reach different destinies and potential.


Our Story

We aspire to look beyond a single brick but at the possibilities that can be derived from a Brick Plus Approach. Our story is inspired and guided by Isaiah 41:4 (Amp. Bible)-“Who has performed and done this, calling forth [and guiding the destinies of] the generations [of the nations] from the beginning? ‘I, the LORD-the first, and with the last [existing before history began, the ever-present, unchanging God]-I am He.'”

Meet the Team

At Randlly we constantly research to develop high-quality blocks to meet customer expectations and needs. Our blocks are especially designed considering the quality of the final product, in order to optimize their performance and return on investment.


Ray Henry

Founder & CEO

A Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Statistician, Epidemiologist, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert and Public Health Specialist




Randlly Community, Shareholders & Staff


Next Steps


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